Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm not 'Special' but I'm..'Limited Edition'!

I'm not 'Special' but I'm..'Limited Edition'!

i don't care what people said,im just me,
want to be with me or not,its not my problem anymore.
i do nothing to care,i do nothing to you
just leave me alone and stop talking about me.
i know who i am.
just be happy whatever you want to do
you got what you want
but please get out ur ass from my life
i don't need you anymore
you are such not important to me anymore.
i done with you,im done
im so DONE!


misswe3tlady_90 said...

sabar yer ana...
saat kemanisan tuh tetap akan tiba..
lagi2 pada mereka yg sabar...:)

yes..we r limited edition.

anna said...

nk kte aku bersabar,aku x de la saba sgt kn,tp aku x wat pape ika,aku diam jeh tp nape mesti nk provok n ungkit ag knn..dah dpt ape yg dia nk,dia menang..i got nothing ika...
yeah kte limited edition,

Shikin Ismail said...

ok setuju. kite mmg limited edition.

nway anda ditag untuk buat kontes sopi ye. ;)