Sunday, March 27, 2011

stop cry and start to smile.

i done on trying.
i have started new life with my outrageous friends and loving family long time ago when you said no.
i still can live without you,i still can gain weight without you,
im sorry that im lying that i said i will not happy and i will commit suicide if you said no.
now i approve it wrong,its really mean OPPOSITE!!
now im more happy without you.
thanks to you make me see the world from my angle
my family and friends are my drug now.

nota kaki:he was my past,im not looking back,when we said NO mean its over.please stop everything,im not your 'predator'.


misswe3tlady_90 said...

i loike la ana!!! ana mmg kuat!!

anna said...

you make me say i do do do dooo laa..hahah!!korang buat aku kuat!
terima kaseh!

ka said...

like! ^___^

anna said...

love you ^_____^